Best Cccam Compatible Satellite Receivers

Best Cccam Compatible Satellite Receivers 1. VU+ DUO 2 This is the most popular linux based cccam compatible satellite receiver on the market. Running on Enigma2 this powerful box can do magic for you. With the dual core CPU 1.3 GHz (MIPS based), the speed of operating functions is faster than you ever imagined. Vu+… Read More »

Satellite TV Packages You Can Watch With Cccam

Satellite TV Packages You Can Watch With Cccam. I created this simple guide just to make it easier browsing through paid tv packages throughout Europe. This list is not exhaustive and I may add some more content later on, feel free to post any missing pieces in the comments. Astra 2 – 28,2 degrees east.… Read More »

Cccam: cline and fline explained

Cccam.cfg – Clines and Flines explained F: = Friend, for others to connect to your server. C: = Connect, for you to connect to other servers. First you need to create yourself a dns address and download the updater software to go with it. In my opinion DynDNS is one of the best solution and… Read More »

Cccam server for beginners

Cccam server? What’s this? The purpose of this site is to explain you in details how does cccam server work and what do you need to setup one at home. I hope this will help newbies to understand what cccam or newcamd is and what benefits you can get from card sharing. Cardsharing, card shares,… Read More »